Lincam Ceres Agri-Tech: Call open for Lincoln and Cambridge Universities

Ceres Agri-Tech is pleased to announce that calls for Lincam Ceres Agri-Tech Projects Awards and Proof of Concept Awards are now open for applications from researchers at its partner Universities, Lincoln and Cambridge.

These awards are designed to support the translation and commercialisation of crop based agri-tech research using the established Ceres Agri-Tech approach.

There are two award streams

Lincam Ceres Agri-Tech funds impact delivery of agri-tech innovations that support the regions’ crop based production sector and its supply chains in terms of concurrent economic, environmental and/or social benefits.

Projects must be more than 50% in EPSRC scope (e.g. AI, robotics companies, digital plant breeding, net zero engineering etc) and are funded with IAA rules (no FEC).

Proposals are assessed by a pitch to the Ceres Investment Committee.

Interested? Please submit a completed Expression of Interest form for either a Project Award or a Proof of Concept Award to  no later than close of play on Monday 18th December 2023. Ceres can help to develop your idea and pitchdeck.

For further information, visit our dedicated web pages at Lincam Ceres Agri-Tech


Lincam Ceres Agri-Tech Awards EOI Submission Deadline Final Pitchdeck Submission Deadline Investment Committee
Project Awards 18th December 2023 8th February 2023 28th February 2023
Proof of Concept Awards 18th December 2023 8th February 2023 28th February 2023