Ceres at Food Tech Matters 2020

On Wednesday 14th October, at the virtual Food Tech Matters 2020 conference, Dr Louise Sutherland, Director of Ceres Agri-tech, will host a panel discussion with fellow industry experts Dirk Vandenhirtz, founder and CEO of crop.zone, Ole Green, CEO and founder of Agro Intelligence, and Paul Rous, investor and mentor at SHAKE Climate Change, on ‘Fostering agricultural innovation for the smart farmer’.

Exciting new technologies and digital solutions are emerging at pace but there remains a gap between agri-tech innovation and its acceptance by farmers and growers. Louise and the panellists will discuss ways of bridging this gap and improving collaboration to ensure that the agri-tech industry delivers what farmers need. The group will also discuss the potential benefits of digitalisation and how farmers can implement this new technology on their farms.

Ceres provides translational funding and commercial expertise to translate high-quality research-based agri-tech innovation from the lab to farmers’ fields. We are keen to speak with agribusiness leaders and investors about our agri-tech initiative in more detail. If you would like to find out more or get involved, come and talk to us – email our Director, Louise Sutherland, at info@ceresagritech.org.