Ceres Agri-Tech launches new Proof-of-Concept Awards

The first round of Ceres Proof-of-Concept Awards are now open for application to researchers at Ceres universities. These awards, ranging from £5,000 to £20,000, are to support plant agri-tech innovations with strong commercial potential, e.g. through proof-of-principle work, prototype development or small-scale field or plant trials.

Proposals will be assessed based on a 6-minute pitch to the Ceres Investment Committee, with funding decisions made on the day. If you are a researcher at a Ceres university and need proof-of-concept data to start commercialising an agri-tech innovation, we are keen to hear from you. To learn more or to apply, get in touch at info@ceresagritech.org by 5th November and we will help you develop your proposal and pitchdeck.

For more information on Ceres Proof-of-Concept Awards, visit our new page at https://www.ceresagritech.org/proof-of-concept-awards/