Ceres Agri-Tech attending 2024 Salinas Biological Summit

This week saw the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit in full swing. Ceres Director, Louise Sutherland, was in attendance as an invited panel speaker representing Ceres Agri-Tech on the Platform10 Global Partner Network panel. The list of attendees was impressive with all the key figures, companies and institutions across the biologicals industry in attendance. Louise was able to connect with key industry figures and build international agri-tech links for our Research England CCF Red project, Agri-Tech Global.

The summit is supported by many industry sponsors, including Western Growers, whose members produce over 50% of all North America’s speciality crops. Growers face increasing pest and disease challenges from climate change, reduced efficacy and availability of conventional products. Regulators and global consumers are also calling for ‘less chemicals, more biologicals’.

The 2-day event included many sessions covering all aspects of the biologicals landscape to address these industry challenges. Sessions included Understanding California’s Approach to Sustainable Pest Management, panel discussions around the global regulatory environment, the Ag Biologicals landscape map produced by The Mixing Bowl, the consumer and grower landscapes as well as the biopesticide company view and a session on financing the future.