Anna Macready

Anna is Associate Professor of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing in the University of Reading’s School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. She has 16 years industry experience in consumer and organisational research and agri-food business, and as a Psychologist and Registered Public Health Nutritionist, Anna has a broad range of interests in subject areas relating to consumer behaviour and food marketing.

Her current academic work focuses on consumer trust, food waste, consumer adoption of sustainable foods, health-related behaviour change, and the effects of foods and their nutrients on cognition. She currently leads a task force researching consumer trust in the food system.

Anna holds a bachelors degree and two masters degrees in psychology from UCL and University of Hertfordshire. She holds a PhD in psychology and nutrition from University of Reading and post graduate qualifications in nutritional medicine from University of Surrey and animal behaviour from the University of Southampton. Before joining the University of Reading, her industry and consultancy experience spanned a range of private and public sector organisations including Cargill, Unilever, General Motors and Pinault-Printemps-Redoute to the Dept for Education and Skills and The Cabinet Office.